What makes a great artiste?

A look at the recipe for becoming a successful artiste

15 September 2017

As we draw closer to the semi finals of this season’s Show, we take a quick look at soe of the attributes that make for a successful artiste. Though the Show is called The Voice Nigeria, it is interesting to note that some of the decisions the Coaches have made from the beginning of the Show hasn’t been exclusively limited to the singing prowess of the Talent, but that certain 'je ne sais quoi' displayed on Stage.

Team Yemi

At the Blind Auditions, Coach Yemi chose two Talent not just for their singing, but from the energy levels she felt they infused into their performances as well as the sincerity she felt they exuded on Stage. Coming from a Coach as well as a consummate performer like Yemi Alade who always brings major energy in all her performances; this was surely a huge compliment to Oge, Jahnomso and Majeeka.


Team Pato

Coach Pato, being an eccentric yet consummate performer selected his Team or even hit his buzzer for talent that had some sort of eclectic feel to their sounds. Sadly, some of the Talent exited the Show after the first Lives, but they undoubtedly put up memorable performances that have garnered for them a healthy fan base. Voke, KessyDriz and Annie C readily come to mind here.


Team Waje

A sultry singer with deep messages in her songs as well as a vocal range which leaves most listeners in awe, Coach Waje selected her Team based not just on their vocal dexterity, but their ability to handle and deliver on any song choice they are faced with. Owning a song in it’s entirety has been her message to all her Talent and we have seen some of them grow in courage and stamina as the Show has rolled on. Amarachi, Efezino and Arewa shed a lot of light on this line of reasoning.


Team Timi

An extremely technically gifted singer, Timi Dakolo has based all his judgements through the Show so far on the technical abilities of his Talent. From the Blinds, the Battle rounds and through to the Lives, he hasn’t minced his words in the compliments he has given to the Talent after their performances, and he has even given nicknames to some of his Talent as a reflection of how impressed he has been with their progress throughout the Show. Grace, Victor and Kendris are just some of the Talent mirrored in Coach Timi’s reasoning.

Flexibility and diversity are some of the key ingredients that makes an artiste relevant and adored and as we head into the semi-finals; the Talent remaining on the Show have steadily grown in composure and strength in their performances and we certainly hope to see more mind blowing performances this Sunday. No Fomo, so make sure you tune in.

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