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13 L Sat 24 Feb 21:05

Two impatient young men opt for money rituals in which young virgins are used. A curse is placed on them and they must find a solution to reverse the spell.


Toni Anthony

16 V, L Sun 25 Feb 00:10

A musician leaves the village for greener pastures. He finds himself in the care of a drug cartel headed by a cruel kingpin who gives no tolerance for errors.


Baba Tawa

PG Sun 25 Feb 03:05

A man is told to stay indoors for seven days to avoid a disaster. This clashes with his trip, which will release him from his debt. His wife takes his place.

Talk Show

Gbajumo Osere

PG Sun 25 Feb 05:00

'S8/E18'. Featuring Alhaji Abdulrasheed Adewale Adeyemi popularly known as Baba Igbomina


Omi Oju Meta

16 Sun 25 Feb 05:30

A young lady had an accident a night before her wedding. Her restoration back to life requires teardrops from three people who loves her passionately.



PG13 Sun 25 Feb 07:25

A young lady is diagnosed of cancer and needs urgent blood transfusion. During this process, hidden and strange secrets of her maternity are being unveiled.

Breakfast Show


PG Sun 25 Feb 09:00

'S11/E51'. Watch your favorite breakfast show with lots of interesting topics revolving around our society.


Omo Nla

16 Sun 25 Feb 09:30

A young well trained man decides to cause trouble in his vicinity with his supernatural power. Everyone concerned agrees to take him down before things get out of hand.


Sister Sister

16 Sun 25 Feb 12:10

A man is confronted with the rarest of decisions to save the special bond his wife shares with her twin sister but in an unusual way that yields the rarest of results.



PG Sun 25 Feb 14:20

A young mechanic becomes a victim of envy from his colleagues for being more talented so they set him up. But this was just a tip of the imminent danger that awaits him.


Ayanmo (Adekaz)

16 L Sun 25 Feb 16:15

Three ladies makes wrong decision by taking a desperate step to get the men they want.



PG13 Sun 25 Feb 18:25

A newly employed psychiatrist discovers some misconducts in her mental institution. She teams up with a patient who knows all the secrets to bring him to book.


Saida Odere

16 L Sun 25 Feb 20:45

A troublesome local girl is privileged to go the city for a better life. There she meets the man who has a key to a dark secret concerning her.