TV Guide


Aiye Shina Rambo

16 V, L Thu 26 Apr 19:40

Watch the true life story of a young man who became a notorious armed robber who once upon a time terrified his country.


Sade Pepper

PG13 Thu 26 Apr 22:30

A young lady had a fling with a man of God. He disappears only for her to find out an ugly truth afterwards. She resorts to pay back damning the consequences.



16 Fri 27 Apr 01:50

A loving woman doesn't know that her husband is married to her because of her money. His perfect plan falls apart when his wife's best friend reveals his secrets.


Ayodele Agbofinro

16 Fri 27 Apr 03:10

A cop suffers a great deal when he takes on a case of a woman whose only child is jailed for robbery.


Gbomo Gbomo

PG Fri 27 Apr 05:00

'S2/E20'. A chief embarks on a journey to explore the cause of the mysteries in Iludun town and to put a stop to the rebellion and treachery it has caused that threatens the King.



16 Fri 27 Apr 05:35

A married woman's fear comes to reality when her husband decides to bring in a second wife under her watchful eyes.


Omo Dangote

PG Fri 27 Apr 07:35

A young mechanic won the heart of a young beautiful but hard to get lady by faking to be the son of a wealthy industrialist. He must keep up the act to keep her.

Breakfast Show


PG Fri 27 Apr 09:00

'S11/E1'. Features Yemisi Adebagbo discussing marriage. Anike gives tips on what employers need to provide for their employees.


Boy O Boy

16 Fri 27 Apr 09:35

'S1/E26'. A comedy series which revolves around a young boy who is a sales man in a distribution company.

Current Affairs

Agogo Ayo

PG Fri 27 Apr 10:05

'S22/E7'. A highly interactive show designed to inform, educate, entertain and update viewers on the latest about the Yoruba communities across Nigeria.

Talk Show

Gbajumo Osere

PG Fri 27 Apr 10:35

'S10/E4'. Features veteran actor Anthony Olatunde Ogundimu popularly known as Ara Wa.



PG Fri 27 Apr 11:05

A father will go to any lengths to make his daughter happy. This is after a terrible incident that happened to her on the eve of her wedding that led to her marriage crumbling.



16 L Fri 27 Apr 13:30

A wealthy young man resorts to put his new found love to a test of fidelity by making both of them go through hardship.


Ainisale Ogbun

16 V, L Fri 27 Apr 15:00

A woman is in court over the death of her only daughter. Her testimony will determine the fate of the defendant who unknown to her is her long lost son.


Campus Life

16 L Fri 27 Apr 17:00

'S3/E29'. This drama series explores various happenings in today's higher institutions where everyone has a mission.


Awon Aladun

PG13 Fri 27 Apr 17:30

'S3/E2'. Jumoke needs an advice for a friend but no one to help, Juniour tries to cover his tracks after beating up the student who swindled him.



PG13 Fri 27 Apr 18:00

A lady is maltreated in her elder sister's home so much that she is accused for the death of one of her sibling.



16 Fri 27 Apr 20:00

A young lady hates her father so much. She must explain the reason behind her hatred for her father who has been there for her all her life.