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PG13 Sun 23 Sep 20:05

A mother resorts to use her innocent daughter as a tool to put an end to poverty in her life not minding the consequences.



13 V, L Sun 23 Sep 21:30

A mother sees the progressive state of her neighbor's daughter who has just returned from the city, she pushes her daughter to join her in her endeavors.


My Ex

16 L Sun 23 Sep 22:35

A young lady meets her ex-lover who refuses to let her go. He coincidentally have a good history with her husband and tries to use this to win her back at all costs.


Yemisi Omo Oko

16 V, L Mon 24 Sep 00:20

A village girl decides to join her friend in the city to get a taste of the good life. She finds out that her friend together with other house mates are wanted criminals.



PG13 Mon 24 Sep 03:45

A housemaid takes revenge on her boss' son who just returned from overseas. She realizes her boss son is married without him fulfilling his promise to her.

Talk Show

Bebe Nlo

Family Mon 24 Sep 05:00

'S4/E7'. Features Matthew Olajogun, and a chat with the Adeniyi (Dan Kazeem) couple.


Awon Aladun

PG13 Mon 24 Sep 05:35

'S3/E26'. As wedding preparations continue, Ebun's envy for the bride to be grows intense and obvious. The Aduns must come up with a solution before things get out of hand.


Adigun Oga Oga

PG13 Mon 24 Sep 06:10

Three dismissed police officers fakes their status to dupe some unexposed residents in a remote village.

Current Affairs

Agogo Ayo

PG Mon 24 Sep 09:00

'S22/E23'. An informative, educative and interactive show that updates viewers on the latest in Yoruba communities across the country.

Talk Show

Awada Express

PG Mon 24 Sep 09:35

'S1/E5'. Koffi features TV show host Teju Babyface.

Breakfast Show


PG Mon 24 Sep 10:05

'S11/E37'. Watch your favorite breakfast show with lots of interesting topics revolving around our society.

Talk Show

Gbajumo Osere

PG Mon 24 Sep 10:36

'S11/E54'. Up close and personal show with the biggest and brightest stars of Yoruba entertainment, as they as their share their experience and success.



Family Mon 24 Sep 11:09

A father risks all he had to save his only son and a wealthy mother who is determined to enjoy her life to at the expense of her children born to different fathers.


Penny Wise

PG Mon 24 Sep 12:34

A man resorts to an affair with a wealthy but hot tempered lady he helped who has now fallen in love with him. Unknown to her, he has a family.


Olajumoke Sauce

PG Mon 24 Sep 14:05

'S1/E4'. Olajumoke shares her story with her fans, friends, family, supporters & critics in her native language.


Aiye O Gbofe

PG Mon 24 Sep 14:20

A mother is plunged into a society to save her children from misfortune that has brought her shame and ridicule but she must deal with the sacrifice that comes with it.


Ile Binu Konu

PG13 Mon 24 Sep 17:00

'S1/E13'. A hilarious drama series of a house of physically challenged occupants being led by a blind landlord.


Awon Aladun

PG13 Mon 24 Sep 17:30

'S3/E14'. Both father and son gets involved in a Ponzi scheme against several warnings until they get matched to pay each other.


Omo Iya Mi

PG13 Mon 24 Sep 18:03

A young lad takes up a manly role to cater for his mother and his sick elder brother who refuses to back down to his condition.


Okomilaye Okomilorun

PG13 Mon 24 Sep 19:15

A young man realize he has only seven days to live after an extra-marital affair he dad with his maid who is plagued by a curse. He must break the curse at all cost.



16 Mon 24 Sep 20:50

A man draws the line in his home when his over religious wife refuses to play her marital role in the name of religion.