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April Fool

16 L Sat 21 Jul 19:35

A young man innocently pranks his wife, she freaks out and problems ensues in his home that eventually turns into a serious conflict that nearly destabilized his home.



16 Sat 21 Jul 21:15

A wayward son returns home after the death of their mother for the burial. Rather than plan the burial, he lavish his mother's wealth and assets handed over to him.


Ifemelu: Something Happened

16 Sat 21 Jul 23:15

Out of anger, a husband plots the kidnap of his own daughter to extort money from his wife who is having an affair with another man, but his plan back clashed on him.


Obi Mgbawa

16 L Sun 22 Jul 00:45

A woman's love for her man blinds her from his cheating and reckless spending of money. However, she finally realises he is not what she thinks he is.


Ichaka: What A Love

16 L Sun 22 Jul 05:00

With the intention to marry her ex-lover who is now married to her best friend, she kills her husband. However, she is betrayed by the same man who made her kill her husband.


Ogechi Kama

13 Sun 22 Jul 10:05

A desperate wife in her search for a male child, goes to a native doctor for solution. She eventually gets it but with grievous consequence that can lead to her death.


My Mother In-Law

13 L Sun 22 Jul 11:30

An ambitious mother denies her daughter the chance to marry a poor suitor who she loves only for her to discover that the person she taught was poor is actually a wealthy man.


Ogo Bu Chi Onye

16 V, L Sun 22 Jul 12:55

An abusive husband kills his loving wife over his inability to control anger. However, his wife's family feels guilty for not doing anything to help her after several complaints.


Otawa Mekizedek

13 L Sun 22 Jul 14:50

A young man gets humiliated in the village and decide to leave. He meets a strange woman and falls in love with her, unknown to him that she is a ghost.


Coach Austin

13 Sun 22 Jul 16:45

An interview with a Paralympic Coach, as he highlights his challenges on the job.


Fish Pound

13 Sun 22 Jul 16:50

An interview with a fish pond business owner, as he highlights how he feeds the fishes and his wealth of experiences in the fish business.



16 L Sun 22 Jul 17:00

Out of of greed and envy, a man steals the documents of his late brother's assets from the home of his late brother's wife and daughter that eventually lands him into big trouble.


Aku Nnam

13 L Sun 22 Jul 19:00

A young boy neglects his ill father due to lust for material things. After his father's death, he realizes his father willed all his inheritance away, leaving him with nothing.


Anya Ukwu

16 Sun 22 Jul 21:00

Two brothers take their desire for success to another level as they leave their mother in search of greener pastures. From ritual money to discovering who their biological father is.