TV Guide


Echi Di Ime

16 L Sat 24 Feb 18:30

Envy and greed turns a young man into coveting his brother's properties after his death. He continues his evil ways until a singular act backfires, and he loses everything.


Onye Nkpasa

16 Sat 24 Feb 22:40

A pastor's wife spreads fake rumor about another pastor in the same church, with the aim to destroy his image. However, the real truth is revealed and the pastor is vindicated.


Okpaku Eri Eri

PG13 Sun 25 Feb 00:25

A young woman's uncles plan to scavenge for her parent's properties after the death of her mother. But her strong will and firm principles overcome all their plans.


Behind The Scenes: Long

PG13 Sun 25 Feb 04:15

A 25-minute length Igbo filler.


Anyammiri Ifunanya

16 L Sun 25 Feb 05:00

A once beautiful marriage is failing due the evil plots of a friend. It remains uncertain over the fate of their love in spite their separation.


Ego Mbute

13 L Sun 25 Feb 08:15

In a bid to find out how her sister Nkechi died, Adaku discovers a hidden secret about her father's illicit acts on her sister who eventually lost her life.



13 L Sun 25 Feb 09:45

Due to greed and wickedness, a young boy lavishes the money sent to him by his friend for a house project in the village and also engage in all sort of evil acts.


Pino Pino Nwam

13 L Sun 25 Feb 12:35

A young woman's lust for her best friend's husband leads her into plotting an evil plan that ends her best friend marriage and decides to move in.


Ifemelu: Something Happened

16 Sun 25 Feb 13:55

Out of anger, a husband plots the kidnap of his own daughter to extort money from his wife who is having an affair with another man, but his plan back clashed on him.



13 Sun 25 Feb 15:25

When a young girl is denied consent to marry her heartthrob and forcefully married to another, she decides to get pregnant for her heartthrob while still married to the other.


Agha Ulo

13 L Sun 25 Feb 17:00

A good wife finds something suspicious about her husband's infidelity that eventually leads to a serious arguments and domestic fight.


Ajo Obi

16 Sun 25 Feb 18:30

A desperate woman is determined to get rich at all cost and she employs dubious means to achieve it even at the expense of destroying the family who has accommodated her.