TV Guide


Babban Zunubi

PG13 Sat 21 Jul 20:45

A young man wants to marry and settle down but his mother won't allow him marry his childhood sweetheart because she is from a poor background.


Bodari Falalu

PG13 Sat 21 Jul 22:50

Rabiu Daushe features in this hilarious comedy. A full grown African must solve a nagging problem that affects him even to the point of embarrassment.


Motar Alfa

PG13 Sun 22 Jul 00:02

A man privileged to be the only one to have a tricycle in a village must learn how not to treat people with disregard and disrespect.


Hanyar Arziki

PG13 Sun 22 Jul 01:35

Tired of life in the village, a man relocates to the city to meet his rich uncle to experience life from a different perspective.



PG13 Sun 22 Jul 02:40

A boy and a girl journey through life facing the hardest experience, hoping and praying the pains and misery they face will eventually end.



PG13 Sun 22 Jul 03:36

Three men swindles a man of his money and lost it while the police is on their heels. The money falls into someone's hand and they must get it back by all means.


Tafaru Ta Kare

PG13 Sun 22 Jul 05:00

A poor womanizer marries a rich but blind beautiful woman and continues to cheat on her.


Kaddara Ko Son Zuciya

PG13 Sun 22 Jul 06:50

A pregnant girl is having emotional and health problem due to the fact that her husband suspects her every move and doesn't trust her.


Mai Abin Da Suke So

PG13 Sun 22 Jul 07:55

An innocent girl becomes a victim of rape perpetrated by her uncle and she is about to lose the most important thing in her life.


Burin Duniya

PG13 Sun 22 Jul 09:00

'S1/E31'. The native doctor advises the King to put a prize on her so that anyone that finds her gets rewarded.


Burin Duniya

PG13 Sun 22 Jul 09:28

'S1/E32'. The King receives a guest who informs him about the whereabout of his wife, Kamisa.


Burin Duniya

PG13 Sun 22 Jul 09:55

'S1/E33'. Queen Balaraba recovers her memory.


Burin Duniya

PG13 Sun 22 Jul 10:23

'S1/E34'. Queen Kamisa is brought to the palace and the killings in the Palace and culprit is revealed.


Burin Duniya

PG13 Sun 22 Jul 10:52

'S1/E35'. The Ado's family reconcile with the Musa's family because of their unborn grandchild.

Music Show


PG13 Sun 22 Jul 11:30

'S4/E16'. A musical and lifestyle show about artist, their careers, life and how they started.


Mace Ce

PG13 Sun 22 Jul 12:02

A man must deal with his alcohol addiction especially when it begins to be an embarrassment to his wife and his son.


Sarautar Mata

PG13 Sun 22 Jul 13:14

A man denies a child from his divorced wife, she takes him to court but he has evidence to his claim.



PG13 Sun 22 Jul 14:50

A lady finds her soul mate in man but he thinks otherwise as he is careless about her and claims he has no feelings for her.

Talk Show

Taurarin Zamani

PG13 Sun 22 Jul 16:30

'S2/E21'. Taurarin Zamani (Stars Of The Moment) is a talk show that entertains, educate and showcase the culture, tradition and the uniqueness of Northern Nigeria.


Dan Baiwa

PG13 Sun 22 Jul 17:00

A kiddies movie that showcases the social ills of the society and how the arm of the law come to play.



PG13 Sun 22 Jul 18:05

The negative influence of friends costs a couple their marriage and happiness.


Karshen Zalunci

PG13 Sun 22 Jul 19:12

Some notorious people go about duping people for their personal interest until they meet their waterloo.