TV Guide


Mu Zuba Mu Gani

PG13 Sun 23 Sep 20:30

A couple's wedding is about to hit rock bottom when the wife realizes he is about to marry a second wife after investing so much on their future.


Tura Takai Bango

PG13 Sun 23 Sep 22:37

The police arrest six girls for murder, presents them before a judge with witnesses to testify.



PG13 Mon 24 Sep 00:25

A lady takes pleasure in getting married and divorcing her husbands for their wealth until she meets her match.


Uwar Mugu

PG13 Mon 24 Sep 01:30

The promiscuous lifestyle of truck drivers use of alcohol and waywardness. However a wayward man finds love with one of the girls.


Ya Aiki

PG13 Mon 24 Sep 03:00

Two supposed religious clerics go about the village advising young girls about indecent dressings. However, there is something suspicious about them.


Guguwar So

PG13 Mon 24 Sep 05:01

A deaf and dumb boy is molested by his girlfriend's friend, he stops seeing her even at the intervention of his father, and then strategy struck.


Allah Ya Hana Babu

PG13 Mon 24 Sep 07:20

A rich man must deal with the excess generosity of his elder brother who believes that God does not permit stinginess.


The Johnsons

PG13 Mon 24 Sep 08:30

'S7/E287'. A family sitcom based on the life of the Johnsons, an average family in Lagos, Nigeria, and the challenges they face.


Auren Zamani

PG13 Mon 24 Sep 09:00

'S1/E4'. We explore marriage, the issues that come with them and the public opinion on each issue.


Allura Da Zare

PG13 Mon 24 Sep 09:30

Two lovebirds are finally allowed to marry against her the girl's father's wish but their first night together is a nightmare.


Laifi Tudu

PG13 Mon 24 Sep 11:15

A successful doctor must find suitors for his two beautiful daughters. However, love can be found in the strangest place and situations.


Akwai Karshe

PG13 Mon 24 Sep 13:15

A couple's life seems perfect but they fight and quarrel everyday until the unexpected happens.



PG13 Mon 24 Sep 14:20

A man's life ambition is to have a baby but unfortunately he feels his wife is barren and this puts pressure on him especially from his mother who wants him to get another wife.



PG13 Mon 24 Sep 15:50

Jirwaye follows the lives of a group of boys who steal but covers it up with purchase of condemn products.



PG13 Mon 24 Sep 17:00

'S1/E31 - 1/31'. The king gives his second wife the permission to offer her child to the gods for sacrifice.


The Johnsons

PG13 Mon 24 Sep 17:30

'S7/E288'. A family sitcom based on the life of the Johnsons, an average family in Lagos, Nigeria, and the challenges they face.


Ga Gida Ga Gida

PG13 Mon 24 Sep 18:00

This movie looks at the lives of two families living as neighbors but are always at loggerhead.


Ranan Wankan

PG13 Mon 24 Sep 19:06

Two men are enemies that can't stand each other. Their fight takes a different dimension when their children falls in love.


Karshen Zalunci

PG13 Mon 24 Sep 20:10

Some notorious people go about duping people for their personal interest until they meet their waterloo.