TV Guide


Basaja Takun Karshe Part 1 - 4

PG13 Thu 26 Apr 19:00

The concluding part of the BASAJA series. Basaja is outsmarted as the police change strategies.


Hayakin Taba

PG13 Thu 26 Apr 22:35

A very responsible elder faces all sort of humiliation and starvation from his very irresponsible son's wife. it gets worst when his son supports and believes her.


Hannu Da Hannu

PG13 Thu 26 Apr 23:47

A man must return the sum of one million naira stolen by some con men. He goes through a physical and emotional journey.


Hawan Dokin Kara

PG13 Fri 27 Apr 01:37

A Documentary on the Durbar from Giginyu with the emir of stick horses.


Jini Jiki Na

PG13 Fri 27 Apr 02:20

A lady and a man are almost inseparable and seriously in love but things soon change when she gains admission into a university far away from the love of her life.


Karya Da Gaskiya

PG13 Fri 27 Apr 05:00

Out of selfish interest and fear of the unknown, a man will not allow his wife who is a certified nurse work.


Dawo Dawo

PG13 Fri 27 Apr 06:53

For selfish reason, a woman forces herself out of her marriage but the reason for her action is unsuccessful.


The Johnsons

PG13 Fri 27 Apr 08:30

'S7/E277'. The life of the Johnsons, an average family in Lagos, Nigeria, and the challenges they face.

Talk Show

Taurarin Zamani

PG13 Fri 27 Apr 09:00

'S1/E9'. Taurarin Zamani (Stars Of The Moment) is a talk show that entertains, educate and showcase the culture, tradition and the uniqueness of Northern Nigeria.


Karshen Mujadala

PG13 Fri 27 Apr 09:30

A man's ex-wife will go to any lengths to get him to marry her again. Meanwhile, his heart is with a new woman and their relationship is about to be ruined.


Matakin Karshe

PG13 Fri 27 Apr 12:35

The police are on the heels of six girls on a killing rampage but they are always a step ahead of them.


Koya Da Tanko

PG Fri 27 Apr 14:45

'S1/E5'. Learn the Hausa alphabet.


Karfen Nasara

PG13 Fri 27 Apr 14:51

A hilarious comedy that is packed with the best comedians. Rabilu Musa Ibro (Alhaji Halliru) has everything, with loyal servants but he is afraid of death.


The Johnsons

PG13 Fri 27 Apr 17:01

'S7/E278'. The life of the Johnsons, an average family in Lagos, Nigeria, and the challenges they face.

Talk Show

Zauren Ma Aurata

PG13 Fri 27 Apr 17:31

'S2/E2'. A lifestyle TV talk show that features newly married couples in every episode. It sheds light on the essence of marriage, its challenges, beauty, resolution and other elements.


Gatan Gawa

PG13 Fri 27 Apr 18:00

A man offers a stranger accommodation but something strange happens to him.


Cuta Ta Dau Cuta

PG13 Fri 27 Apr 20:10

A girl goes missing mysteriously the day she goes out with her boyfriend.