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Senami George

Senami George is a  28-year-old Doctor, Dreamer as well as Social justice Warrior. She is second of two daughters of the widower Engineer George Minasu, who used to proudly tout himself as the first PHD holder from the village of Aji, until after his wife died and he stopped referring to the village he was from altogether.

A recent graduate of medicine, specializing in Obstetrics in a university abroad, she has returned to Nigeria for her service year despite extreme discouragement from her father. Against his decision she returns to provide better healthcare in her home country as well as get to the root of a family mystery.

She wants to know why her family never visits their home town anymore, why no one ever mentions the grandmother she was so close to anymore, why her father seems to want her to get as far away from Nigeria as possible for as long as possible, in spite of the fact that the two have a very close relationship. She knows something must have happened during the family’s last trip to Aji, when she was six and her mother died during childbirth during a huge storm, but otherwise it’s a mystery.

Her well-meaning intentions sometimes come off as high-handed or self-righteous, especially as she is not good at sugar coating her feelings or dancing around the issue. She considers herself level-headed and logical and her dismissive response to superstitions can come off as insulting.

The strong bond that grew between her and her father after her mother’s death made her a self-appointed defacto guardian for him during the moods of melancholy he would often slip into at the time, taking on the responsibility of cheering him up. It made her gain the habit early on of putting her own moods and emotions aside, carrying on regardless of challenges and wearing a mask of cheer and positivity to inspire others in spite of whatever she may be feeling herself.

Played By- A’rese Emokpae

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