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Uzodinma is a nice decent lady who after suffering a series of disappointments from deceptive suitors has a new approach to life: be a bad girl! The only problem with this beautiful, sensitive and socially awkward lady’s plan is that she is inherently a nice person thus even the simplest tricks in the book tend to overwhelm her.

Uzo has a two pronged plan to escape poverty. The first: in the lottery! Thus she spends a good sum of her income playing Baba Ijebu. Her second option is marrying rich. Thus, just like the lottery, she’s worked out her dating life to a game of chance. The more guys she strings along, the more likely she’ll find one who is willing to marry her. Question is, will either of these strategies work out?

Her Hustle?

Sending money back home every month for her parents upkeep and her siblings’ school fees.