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17 March 21:30
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Osere Joseph

Even though Osere AKA Ose fancies himself as a struggling actor, he hasn't even been to an audition in the last five years! Instead he’s channelled his creativity into forging an excellent career in… begging! In order to garner the sympathy of unsuspecting people, Ose takes on the role of various characters and roams the streets of Lagos begging for money.

Some days he acts like a job applicant who desperately needs money to get to his job interview. While others you’ll find him at a bus stop near a hospital begging to raise money to pay up hospital bills. Either way, when there's money to be made, Ose will find a way to make it!

His Hustle?

Ose wishes for nothing more than to someday make enough money which he’ll use to produce his own movies. Of course not only will this make him a big time producer, he plans to star in his own films too!


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