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Ensure that you do not miss Hustle which is Africa Magic’s brand new comedy (dramedy) series that focuses on the lives of those living with a hustle spirit in the dynamic city that Lagos in Nigeria. It follows the lovable Dayo, a gullible but optimistic young man who moves to Lagos with dreams of making it big but learns very quickly that things aren’t always as they seem through the colourful and hilarious characters he comes across.

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S1 | E3
06 October 10:32

'S1/E3 - 1/3'. A sequence of bizarre events, ends up with Dayo being forced to become a bus conductor for a driver who happens to be a retired no nonsense soldier.


Acid finds Dayo his first job in the big city of Lagos, but its not exactly what he had in mind.

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Hustle: Hacked and sabotaged.

15 March 13:30

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Africa Magic Exclusives: Hustle on set magic

12 March 15:45

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Africa Magic Exclusives: Hustle Still to come

10 March 11:10

28 afm hustle 20170308 med video

Hustle: Dayo vs Ochuko

08 March 13:41

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