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Follow Africa Magic’s exciting telenovela Hush that tells the tale of fashion, politics and man’s ambition. Trailing the lives of different members of high society and discovers the power players in fashion, politics and how their worlds collide in the city of Lagos.

An intense and thrilling drama that never encounters a dull a moment.

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S1 | E140
17 October 17:00

'S1/E140 - 1/140'. A shooting occurs. Koko tries to dissuade Sai from going out with Vina. Adrianna links the prospective buyers of Apploco to Vigo Corp.

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28 afm amhushwishwith adze med 004 pre video

Hush Extra: Adze - #AMHush wish

20 January 10:20

28 afm amhushwishwith sai 001 med 004 pre video

Hush Extra: Sai - #AMHush wish

20 January 10:15

28 afm amhushwishwith oye med 004 pre video

Hush Extra: Oye - #AMHush wish

20 January 10:10

28 afm amhushwishwith tes med 004 pre video

Hush Extra: Tes - #AMHush wish

20 January 10:10

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