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U can still vote for your fav hm if u have a dstv platinum subscription 😅 lines close @12:00 #BBNaija


No saheed. We can't all agree sir. #BBnaija


#BBNaija the way Bisola and tboss dey cruise today ,I hope say marvis no go vex o


In situations where you have to choose between playing the game or showing your loyalty. What would you choose? #BBNaija


Prediction for 2mrw's voting percentage ratings. DEBBIE RISE = 70% d rest of them 30% wit Bassey ranking below 5%. He is going home #BBnaija


So voting has closed hmmmm: To my baby @officialtboss may the Force be with u! #BBNaija


Well done guys success is ours #BBnaija


Bisola to Efe: "Efe the way God go bless you, you go hear am" These two 👏🏽👏🏽 #Bbnaija


For all of ya saying she has another page...#BBNaija


Impossicant,Bisola is pretty#BBnaija"


#BBNaija: today's party will be super o, @bisola u sure say this your powder no too much


Jst a bunch of wantabes voting& likin who they'r told 2 lyk 4 cheap hype. u're wlcm 2 blather on abt w/e nonsense in ur empty heads #bbnaija


As For me have voted for my favourite Debie-Rise #bbnaija @BBNaija


yet dey say she doesn't give drama #TBoss..see dem goin to confirm & accusing her of lying #BBNaija


Just so y'all know she's not lying yes she has more than 500 pics on her personal account #BBnaija


Yo!!! Y'all are busting my kidney wit y'all sweet tweets....I feel like crying yo! Love love love #Efenation #BBNaija


I'm sure if they didn't need the money they won't have signed up for confinement of 3 months #Bbnaija


#BBNaija marvis and EBA they ate like 5 and 6


@BBNaija A ship.. T-Biggie😂




You are a big fat liar. #BBNaija


Voting is finally close... hope u voted for ur favourite?...#bbnaija @BBNaija


@BBNaija We suppose ask you biggie will you accept?


On fleek #BBNaija


@BBNaija Let's keep voting for Debie-Rise Sms Vote Debie-rise to 32052 25minutes left... #bbnaija


I should retweet this his kind is rare! #BBNaija


Good luck Team TBoss. I hope n pray all our votes are not in vain. Amen #BBNaija #TeamTBoss


@TWEETORACLE lol... Efe woyld not even pass the auditions if this was Bb Africa.. Thank God for #bbnaija in his life.


@BBNaija T Boss...my Man


Well done BossNation for our combined efforts of tireless voting. Now we just enjoy the party and wait for Ebuka & his envelope. #BBNaija

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