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Day 72: Twisting to rememberance.

The Housemates had a few twists and turns in a fun day that ended up with a trip down memory lane, Biggie style.

05 April 08:40

Biggie told the Housemates that because of the fact that there was no Head of House challenge in this the final week, each Housemate would get a chance to be Igwe for a day. First up was Bisola handing over the reins to a delighted Debie-Rise, the journey from Joker to Igwe was now complete, it only took the entire game for the plucky strummer to get to this point. Two other ladies never cracked the nod of Igwe's crown also happened to be still in the game, and TBoss and Marvis showed signs that they couldn't wait to finally wear the Igwe crown. Debie-Rise's first task as Igwe was to read their first assignment of the day to them. They were to graffiti a pair of pants using the markers provided. 

Biggie soon told the Housemates to put on their graffiti pants and to report to the Arena where they took part in a "Spin Race." They had to spin around and then collect a tennis ball and transport it between their thighs or knees and drop it in a bowl. TBoss was disqualified, to her obvious dismay for using her hands. Marvis emerged the victor, again. Watch Little Miss Dynamite's performance below: 


Next up in a twisted day was Biggie's extreme version of "Twister." TBoss, then Marvis, followed by Efe and finally Debie-Rise failed in their attempts to out-twist the Alligator Queen, Bisola who was the last Housemate standing. Watch the full video below:

During the Diary Sessions, Biggie quizzed the Housemates as to how they were going to cope with all the pressures that their sudden fame in the outside world was going to bring. Watch whatr they said below:

Biggie's last surprise was waiting for them in the house after they came back in from the Arena. Bisola was frightened by the mannequin she encountered in the House. What was Biggie up to now? The Housemates were to become curators of their own Big Brother Naija Museum. Marvis led the Housemates through a collection of memories from Debie-Rise's Joker outfit to the Chicken and the Egg Task. Bisola took on the character of the annoying spoilt child interrupting the tour guide, Marvis with many questions. Bisola also revealed the origin of Efe's nickname, Captain Nipples. She said that it was Soma who had come up with the name as he said that his hairstyle looked like his head had nipples on it. Watch the video here:

With the nostalgia rife in the House, will this galvanise the Housemates to knuckle down and keep their eyes on the ultimate prize? Or, will they spend their last few days in the House or will they be letting their guard down and just enjoy their remaining time in Biggie's Paradise? Let us know your thoughts below.    


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