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Day 57: Everything na double double!

In addition to guiding and mentoring, the DNA Twins also joined the Housemates in song.

20 March 12:30

It was double the fun and double the gain for the Housemates, as not only did they draw inspiration from their guests but they also got to sing with them!

How ironic is that everything came in twos today, as the Housemates had two guests, music producer and songwriter, Don Jazzy and new kids on the block, the DNA Twins, plus the fact that the latter are actually twins!?

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The guests were in the House to guide the Housemates in the making of a song, which forms part of this week’s Tasks. They were to compose the song, shoot its music video, as well as make a short film.

Immediately after the brief tour and chat with the guests, the Housemates sang their ONE in AFRICA campaign song. They were pleasantly surprised, as the DNA Twins joined in and they all sang while seated in the lounge.   

However, it was not long till Biggie sounded the buzzer, signalling that it was time for the guests to leave. The Housemates ‘protested’ and they continued singing with the twins in the kitchen.

34 rsz dn sings with hms 2 004 pre

Biggie then called Don Jazzy over the intercom system, telling him that it was time for them to leave the House. There was more ‘protesting’ from the Housemates. Biggie then asked them if they would like their guests to stay a bit longer and of course they responded in unison, saying “Yes Biggie! It was back to singing and dancing, as they also sang "See Gobbe", among other songs. 

It was only after a while that the guests left the House and the Housemates were left to reminisce about the visit, while looking at some of the items the guests gave them as souvenirs.


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