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Naija hails Anthony Joshua

On Saturday night Anthony Joshua beat Wladimir Klitcher after an eleventh round knock out!

03 May 09:58

It's been called one of the greatest boxing matches of the last 20 years and while it might have ended with a TKO, Wladimir Klitcher proved to be a more than worthy adversary for Anthony making for an explosive fight. Before the two athletes came to blows their empending clash was already the subject of heated debate with people wondering whether it would be skill and experience or youth and stamina that would win. It was apparent during the fight however, that neither fighter was lacking in any of those spheres. After the killer hook that ended the match people were even comparing Joshua to the original knockout champion, Mohammad Ali!

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Anthony might have been born in the United Kingdom but his mother is Nigerian and his father has Irish and Nigerian ancestry. He even spent some of his childhood in the country so it's no surpirse that when news of his victory broke his kinfolk celebrated with him including prominent musician Davido who said, "Thank you for making us proud!"

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There are even murmurs about the Nigerian government inviting him to the country to visit and celebrate.

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He's also never shied away from championing his Nigerian heritage and even argued that pounded yam and egusi soup were the secret to his prolific success! That said, it wasn't long before a hilarious tug of war to lay claim to him ensued given his European and African ancestry. A zealous Nigerian anchor even put him on the spot but he laughed it off and made it clear "My heart is in Nigeria. My heart is in Britain. I am a Nigerian man by blood, yes!”

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What did you think of the fight? Did you watch or are you just happy to see a fellow African winning? Drop us a comment below and let us know.

Source image credits: @sizwedhlomo, @saharareporters,

Featured image credit: Anthony Joshua https://www.instagram.com/p/BTG0NaHj48Y/?hl=en

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