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How To Ace Your 53 Extra Audition

Pssst…This is for you and you only

13 April 10:30

So you think your presenting chops are A-grade enough to earn you a gig as the new face of 53 Extra, but now you need a little leg up on the competition? Maybe you should read this! We’ve put together a comprehensive ‘How to ace your 53 Extra audition’ guide, that is guaranteed to help you along. PS – This is between us. Don’t tell anybody else.

Practice makes perfect

We can’t stress this enough. Practice, practice, PRACTICE! In front of your mirror, in front of your dog, in front of your sister/brother. Just do it – and do it again and again. Then record yourself, watch and review, delete if you have to, record again, until you get the perfect 53 Extra link.

Be confident

‘Confidence is silent; insecurities are loud’. Always remember this. Go bare and fresh-faced, pile on the makeup, rock a weave all the way to your ankles or go natural with your ‘fro for your audition – it really is okay. All that matters is you being comfortable in your own skin. It will shine through in your video. Promise. Also, major key!

Enhance what you already got

If you’re lacking a little in the confidence department, it’s okay to add a little glitter and a little plump. Rock your favourite outfit, stain your lips with a lil’ something, wear perfume (even though we won’t smell it through your video) and do anything really, that makes you feel like you can take over the world.

Go social

Shakespeare once wrote “It goes down in the DM” – and by golly was he right! Follow us on Instagram, then jump into our DMs, please.  No funny business though. Just send us a video of you doing your 53 Extra intro/link.

How to audition

We hope this cheat-sheet will help a little. Yes? See you in the DMs then - and good luck!

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