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#BBhotshots: Biggy takes hard line

Biggy seemed to be bringing his house back to order by calling out Samantha and M'am Bea and issuing the first strikes of the season.

#BBHotshots: Guys on top

After two girls in a row won the HoH title Nhlanhla represented the guys when he won the HoH task.

Aina Gold, Bose Akinola in Ojowu

A new Yoruba comedy soap opera, Ojowu, will premiere on Africa Magic Yoruba (DStv channel 157 and GOtv channel 4) on Monday the 20th of October.

#BBHotshots: Alpha male battle

It was a battle of the egos as tempers reached breaking point in the Hotshots house.

#BBHotshots: Game time!

As the housemates spend more time in Biggy’s house, we’re beginning to see some interesting characters and relationships emerge.

#BBHotshots second time lucky

The Hotshots housemates seem to be on a lucky streak as they won their 100% wager for the second time in a row.

#BBhotshots: love and war

The Big Brother Hotshots boys definitely brought the heat during their argument but there was also a time for love in the house.

BBA: Housemates feel the tension

The cracks are starting to show in the Big Brother house as Laveda's team picks for the extravaganza left the housemates feeling unsettled.

Mashariki Mix joins the Ode to hip hop

Held at Nairobi’s Carnivore Grounds, the 55th Kenyan edition of Blankets and Wine (B&W) festival was an ode to hip hop.

#BBHotshots: Next nominations

It was game on as the housemates put fellow housemates up for possible eviction on Sunday.

Hotshot Sabina has some star power

What did Ricardo, Karen, Uti, Delish and Keagan have to deserve the wins? Was it their personalities, drinking abilities, beauty or star power?

#BBHotshots: First wager all in

The Big Brother Hotshots Housemates are well into the game, as they have been presented with their first tasks and wager.

Voting on Big Brother

It was a night to remember as Big Brother Hotshots launched with dazzling talented performances but here's how to vote for your favorite housemates.

BBHotshots: First HoH revealed

It's finally happening. Big Brother Hotshots is well on the way with the housemates entering the house and getting to know each other better.

The scoop on Big Brother Hotshots

Don't get on the #LateBus, get the lowdown on Big Brother Hotshots. It’s almost Big Brother time and you don’t want to get left out of the action.

Tinsel Update: New Angela Dede

One of the key characters on the series, Angela Dede – played by Matilda Obaseki - will be temporarily replaced by Nigerian actress, Theresa Edem.

Walter Taylaur leads new school

Isabella Akinseye had a chat with Walter "WaltBanger" Taylaur about life after his AMVCA win.

Hotshots Housemates heat it up

In a world first, Big Brother Hotshots are revealing the Housemates before the launch of Africa’s biggest reality show on Sunday 5 October.

Big Brother Hotshots Revealed

Fans of Africa’s biggest reality show, Big Brother Africa, will no longer have to wait in anticipation until the launch on 5 October 2014 to meet the Big Brother hotshots.

Amarachi Onoh talks AMVCA

Amarachi Onoh talks about his life after winning Best New Media: Online Video Award at the 2014 AfricaMagic Viewers' Choice Awards.

AfricaMagic auditions

Are you a TV star in waiting? AfricaMagic is looking for new talent. Attend our open auditions on Sat 20 September 2014 in Ikeja!

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