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Black Coffee served in Nairobi

DJ Black Coffee poured a big cup of talent over revelers at the Carnivore in Nairobi and there were several celebrities present to drink up.

Kona Catch Up: Death of a King

Abasi is angry with Walter for arranging the death of King and accuses Walter of being reckless.

AfricaMagic auditions

Are you a TV star in waiting? AfricaMagic is looking for new talent. Attend our open auditions on Sat 19 Jul 2014 in Ikeja!

All the scoop from the BBA auditions

Were you at the Big Brother Africa Season 9 auditions? We tracked down the activities in Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa.

Uti's ideal BBA housemate

As BBA auditions kick off around the continent, we decided to have a sit down with someone who openly claims that BBA changed his life...Uti Nwachukwu.

Wale Ojo joins cast of Tinsel

British-Nigerian award winning actor, Wale Ojo has joined the cast of AfricaMagic's hit soap opera, Tinsel!

Singer Avril features on Star Gist

Getting a cameo on Shuga Love Sex and Money, and a nomination for the Channel O Music Video Awards in 2010 are a few of Avril's accomplishments.

Kona Catch Up: Skeletons in the closet

Is Richard Oyange the true villain on Kona? The good book says there is nothing kept secret that will not come to light.

Big Brother auditions announced

Unlike previous years, this year’s entry process is slightly different as potential housemates are invited to come in their numbers for auditions in their respective country venues.

Video: Tiwa Savage on Africa Rising

Find out what songstress Tiwa Savage has had to say about the Africa Rising campaign.

Kona Catchup: Secrets galore

Ayira is keeping Wanjala in the dark about King. Abasi is a den of secrets while Jimmy is stealing files from Julia and could have broken into Wanjala’s house.

Football Legends Nigeria

With the 2014 FIFA World Cup reminding us of the immense global popularity of football, Africa Magic Entertainment is set to kick off its’ fantastically well-timed sports game show Football Legends Nigeria.

Silvia Njoki guest hosts Mashariki Mix

Fashion stylist and blogger Silvia Njoki is one of the guest presenters for Mashariki Mix’s Festival for Fashion and Arts (FAFA) segment.

Tinsel Update: Life after Fred

Fred Ade Williams' passing sent shock waves throughout Tinsel Town with those left behind having to pick up the pieces and move on with thier lives.

Kona Catchup: Love is a battlefield

Pammie couldn’t bear to have Wanjala feel all alone, neither could Lucky nor Jimmy.

Don't Miss See Them Blind

See Them Blind tells a story of two men who's lives are at a cross roads. This Friday AfricaMagic Movies 1, will air See Them Blind at 19:30 (CAT).

Kona Catch Up: Victim or villain?

It is anyone's guess whether King Otieno is a villain or a victim and while we all continue to speculate, here's the latest scoop on the Kona action.

Quick Takes With Kumwesu’s Mutale

Kumwesu is back on our screens for a second season and show host Mutale Mwanza says this season promises to be more exciting and entertaining.

FAQ: Generations & Isidingo

Based on viewer research findings, AfricaMagic has made changes to its schedule and removed Isidingo and Generations from its line-up.

Kona Catch Up: Julia’s back!

It took a series of triggers to break through the amnesia. It all started when Wanjala accompanied Julia on a visit to the gym.

Motamma, Obi talk Children's Day

Ayo Falafala had the chance to chat with Big Brother Africa's Motamma and Last Flight to Abuja director, Obi Emenloye about Children's Day.

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