Lenny Juma

August 22nd, 2013

Lenny Juma, born 63 years ago, has had a colorful life in the entertainment industry, both in Africa and abroad. Turned professional actor in 1971, his first theatre project was with the “Inter African Theatre group”, where he was able to ply his trade as far as Japan and Europe.

Having featured in movies like The Tomb Raider II (Turkana elder), Indiana Jones Chronicles (witch doctor), National Geographic’s Banged Up Abroad (Colonel Bao) and the BBC’s Search for the Nile Lenny Juma also known as the ‘guru’, continues to demonstrate proficiency on and off screen with his good humored nature.

He is currently a Casting Director at Lenny J Casting Stable, Jimmy a boxing trainer at the gym.

Lenny Juma continues to do what he loves best and that is acting.