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February 18th, 2013

How will the drama of Tinsel-town unfold this week? Read on and catch a new episode every weekday at 20:30 CAT on AfricaMagic Entertainment.

The search intensifies for the missing Dan, only now, Masters is searching for him too, in the interest of his upcoming trial. On the love front, Danni continues her attempts to throw Philip and Tare together while simultaneously sing the Ghana trip to learn more about Kwame.

Danni, Kwame, Philip and Tare air their dirty laundry after getting stuck in an elevator and the members of B.A finally reconcile. Meanwhile, Danni receives an appointment from her school to come and defend her thesis.

Dan is kidnapped by strange men who turn out to be Telema’s soldiers and he ends up returning to Fred’s house where he is discovered in his study.

Quick catch up with last week’s episode:


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