#MoneyDropNG: Week 6

February 18th, 2013

Gideon Okeke returned to our screens on Sunday evening with Edwin and Dayo, who still had $6 000 left on the table.

The friends still had five questions to answer and they were very passionate with each passing question. But with the money continuing to drop and Edwin exclaiming: “Ah! I use keyboards every day!”, it seemed unlikely the pair would walk away with any money.

But they did! See how the story unfolded on Twitter, where fans of The Money Drop contributed to the story using the official hashtag #MoneyDropNG.

Edwin and Dayo

Akin and Oke, who have been friends forever, joined in on the fun and also won $2 000. Their nerves, not deciding on an answer, using a blindfold to keep from seeing the money drop….these guys entertained us! We’re just glad that coin toss helped them win the money.

Akin and Oke

And if you missed out on any of last night’s action, here is our video recap.

Catch The Money Drop on Sundays at 20:00 on AfricaMagic Entertainment (DStv channel 151).

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