Nkem Owoh quiz

February 8th, 2013

Commonly known as Osuofia, Nkem Owoh is by far one of the funniest men in Nollywood. His movies include A Fool at 40, Okada Man and the famous Osuofia in London. We’ve decided to quiz you about the legendary actor to test your knowledge of him.

1. When was the movie Osuofia in London initially released?

a). 2008
b). 2001
c). 2003

2. What is Nkem’s role in the movie The Master?

a). A pastor
b). A jail warder
c). 419 scammer

3. Which genre of movies would you commonly associate most of Nkem’s movies?

a). Sci-Fi
b). Romance
c). Comedy

4. Which State in Nigeria does Nkem come from?

a). Delta State
b). Enugu State
c). Lagos State

5. AfricaMagic Movies (DStv Channel 152) will broadcast one of Nkem’s movies during prime time at 19:40 CAT. Which movie is it?

a). Okada Man
b). A Fool at 40
c). Kings of the Forest

6. Does Nkem have a formal qualification?

a). Yes
b). No
c). Currently studying towards one

7. In what field is his qualification?

a). Medicine
b). Dramatic Arts
c). Electrical Engineering

8.When is Okada Man airing on AfricaMagic Movies (DStv Channel 152)?

a). Sunday 17 February at 13:00 (CAT)
b). Friday 15 February at 19:30 (CAT)
c). Thursday 21 February 20:00 (CAT)

9. In the movie Okada Man– Nico is abducted by who?

a). Money ritualists
b). Police
c). UFO’s

10. What is Nkems character name in the movie FIFA Agent?

a). Osuofia
b). Dr. Miracles
c). Soji

Here are the answers…hope you got all of them correct!

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