A minute with TMDs Gideon Okeke

January 11th, 2013

The Money Drop (TMD) Nigeria is sure to deliver a thrilling ride as viewers get to watch contestants battle to keep their cash! And with Gideon Okeke presenting, it’s guaranteed to be good.

The game show premieres on AfricaMagic Entertainment on Sunday 13 January at 20:00 CAT with contestant pairs trying their best to hold on to $100 000 while Gideon takes them through a series of tough question and answer sessions.

On the set of The Money Drop, while taking a brief break from the cameras, Gideon let us in on a little secret, revealing that in his new role as a presenter, viewers can expect to see a different side to him, a softer side, perhaps.

We’re not denying that he’s been brilliant in the role of charming film-maker Phillip Ade Williams, and that it was a bonus catching a glimpse of him on Jacob’s Cross, and that we’re relieved that Big Brother Nigeria brought him to our attention in the first place, but we are very excited to get to know the man behind these characters.

“This takes me back to Big Brother Nigeria,” he says, looking around The Money Drop set. “There are moments when you’re just sitting there and the drums sounding the elimination go off and you start feeling the pressure.” And, now that he is not “playing” he feels for the contestants because he’s been in a similar situation.

“I don’t know the questions and answers so I am also learning as the show happens,” he says, although he has given thought to what he’d do if he did win $100 000 – investment being his top priority.

His advice to people playing the game is, “Think on your feet and don’t take too long to decide on an answer. There must be trust between the two of you and you must be assertive.”

Remember that you can be part of the show by joining in on the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #MoneyDropNG to share your comments!

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