23 Apr: Episode 37

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Medicii: 53 Extra was at the lunch of the Medicii Lifestyle Lounge for comfy evenings and enjoyable getaways. It’s a new classy hang out spot opened in Lagos and opens only on Saturdays.

Chef Fregz and Bez: Cooking a special menu and having friends over to enjoy the homemade delicacy doesn’t sound like what any guy would readily do. Just But maybe it’s not so hard as Bez makes an attempt with the help of the famous Chef Fregz.

Personal Trainer Ponle and Eric: And while you pack up the calories during special occasions, here’s some great ideas on how to shed the extra weight. We call it 'getting your swagz back'.

Geeze Place: Popular hangout spot Geeze place opened its doors to new clientele in Lagos. 53 Extra was there to usher in some fun.

Our studio guest: Toolz

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