How well do you know your Tinsel characters?

Africa’s most loved drama series is looking for new people to cast in season 5. Before then we still have loads of drama to enjoy with the current season. Let’s see how well you know the characters in season four.

1. Sheila’s surname is…
a)      Ade-Williams
b)      Okoh
c)      Etuk

2. Who is Angela’s father?
a)      Dr Ibrahim
b)      Nero
c)      Reginald

3. Gideon Okeke’s character name is…
a)      Phillip
b)      Kwame
c)      Ziggy

4. Tare is older sister to…
a)      Titi
b)      Salewa
c)      Telema

5. Who is Amaka’s god-father?
a)      Fred
b)      Dan
c)      Reginald

6. Who was Telema’s first boyfriend?
a)      Phillip
b)      Chris
c)      Soji

7. Tere is older sister to…
a)      Salewa
b)      Sankey
c)      Telema

8. Who is currently pregnant with Fred’s child?
a)      Mrs Haruna
b)      Laide
c)      Angela

You will find all the answers to this quiz here. Let us know how you did in the comments section and keep watching Tinsel  weekdays at 19:00 E and 20:30 W for more details on the auditions!
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