29 Mar: Episode11

TV/Film in Kenya

The silver and big screen in Africa is beginning to get a lot of attention and Kenya is no different. We take a look at three movies and the new martial arts TV series – Simuyu Samarui.  Listen in as we talk casting with casting director – Maggie Kiundi – The Rugged priest producer, Zoro and first rising Director – Tosh Gitonga of Nairobi Half Life

Factory 55 launches a jeans bar

Imagine the luxury of sitting down and enjoying your favourite drink as you shop or wait for your girlfriend to try on the numerous pair of jeans. That’s exactly what the young and hip marketing team at Factory 55 had in mind when they designed the region's first jeans bar – and to launch it – we were treated to a tasteful jeans catwalk…..

Being Wanjiku

What if all women ascribed to one name? Would that take away our individualism from us? Do we have to be referred to by one name? Wanjiku is the Kenyan name that describes who we are – ambitious, industrious and well – the woman of many hats. We look at a series of art work put together at the Alliance Francoise in Nairobi that show just who Wanjiku is.


Hip-hop artiste Nneka is known for her music and conscious messages. This Nigerian native’s music is thought provoking and has an amazing global fan following. Nick had a chat with her before her preformance in Nairobi.

Samantha's BridalFair

Catherine Masista is known for her flagship wedding title  – The Samantha Bridal Magazine as well as the annual Wedding Fair now in it’s ninth year. We take a look at what wedding vendors in the region have on offer as well as follow the latest bridal apparel trends.
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