19 Mar: Episode 32

Extreme Sports and all round entertainment on 53 Extra this week as we take you through steps to tone up your muscles and host the delectable Yeni Kuti in the 'hot seat'.

Also featured this week:

Lagos Polo Tournament: Our first stop is the Lagos Polo tournament where competitive sport meets  high fashion and fine wines.

Biking: Biking can be considered an extreme sport, especially when a lady is involved. Now Eku checks out what’s fun and fierce about biking as it was all about the ladies keeping it strong.

Bloggers: Since the whirlwind arrival of social media, a new breed of celebrities has emerged. We love the updates they give, the gossip they follow and the blog comments that keep us entertained! 53 Extra profiled some of the most famous faces behind 'famous' blogs.

Love Concert: Now let’s get waltzing and swaying to the exotic sounds at the ‘love is’ concert

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