23 Feb: Episode 6

This week on Mashariki Mix, we visit musician Stella Mwangi,  brew draught beer and take a look at 2012’s hottest cars and explore a cool new fashion brand,  the shades guy!

Stella Mwangi

Previously known as STL this hip hop artiste has come of age. After winning the 2010 Euro Vision Awards in Norway for her Swahili song, Haba Haba, Stella Mwangi embarked on a new album. To launch this album, Mashariki Mix caught up with her on her East Africa Tour

Aleem Ladak

Probably the most popular chill-out bar and bistro in Nairobi, The Brew Bar Bistro attracts locals and visiting Nairobi. The charm of the spot – Master Brewer, Aleem Ladak’s own special draught beer that comes in six flavours…take a look

Hottest Cars of 2012

We put together the New Year’s list of hottest cars

The Shades Guy

Dubbed 'The Shades Guy", we visit Cyrus Kabiru, an artist located at the Nairobi Kuona Trust. We discover what all the buzz about this artist who has the uncanny ability to craft the most unusual eye-wear – and names them.
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