In a bid to save her marriage, a woman monitors her husband's moves and is shocked at what she finds. Sun at 22:25 on AfricaMagic Movies.

Drift Beyond Conscious

A woman plans to take over her best friends fiance by exploiting her naivety. Sun at 22:00 on AfricaMagic Entertainment.

The Juice S2

Davido has a brief emotional moment when he talks about his life on the fab lane. Sun at 21:00 on AfricaMagic Entertainment.

Making of a Mogul

Find out what inspires African moguls to keep reaching new heights. Sun at 19:00 on AfricaMagic Entertainment.

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Mashariki Mix


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Making Of A Mogul


At Home With Joselyn Dumas


Adam's Apples

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Interview: a chat with Kona’s Amani

Played by budding starlet Alisa Kanyeki, the first time child actress is the daughter of proud parents Willie and Wangeci Kanyeki.

Kona catch up: Deep sleep

Will the gym survive? Will Julia stir from the coma? Find out as all-new episodes of Kona begin to air.

Quick catch up with Dzigbordi Dosoo

We had a quick chat with talk show host Dzigbordi Dosoo to find out what she has been up to lately.

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