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Mashariki Mix is your one stop shop to all things glamorous from East Africa. Tue at 21:00 on AfricaMagic Entertainment.


Tinsel marries all the elements of drama, intrigue, romance, deception, betrayal and triumph into one thrilling series. Weekdays at 20:30 on AfricaMagic Entertainment.

Star Gist

Star Gist broadcasts every weekday at 19:30 CAT on AfricaMagic Entertainment.

Making of a Mogul

Find out what inspires African moguls to keep reaching new heights. Tue at 19:00 on AfricaMagic Entertainment.

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Making Of A Mogul


Star Gist



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Black Coffee served in Nairobi

DJ Black Coffee poured a big cup of talent over revelers at the Carnivore in Nairobi and there were several celebrities present to drink up.

Kona Catch Up: Death of a King

Abasi is angry with Walter for arranging the death of King and accuses Walter of being reckless.

AfricaMagic auditions

Are you a TV star in waiting? AfricaMagic is looking for new talent. Attend our open auditions on Sat 19 Jul 2014 in Ikeja!

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